Proposed Local Development Plan

East Renfrewshire Council is also in the process of preparing a new Local Development Plan which is at an advanced stage of preparation. The proposed application site appears within the Proposed Plan as shown in the extract below:

The Proposed Plan includes Policy D12.5, which directly affects the proposal site, establishing explicit support for the following:

  • Improved leisure centre and facilities; and
  • Remodelling of wider park uses

Policy 12 of the Proposed Local Development Plan also establishes that:

  • “The Council will support the protection and enhancement of existing community, leisure, health, sports and education facilities”
  • “Proposals which would result in the loss of existing facilities will only be supported where it can be clearly shown that in consultation with the relevant organisation including Health Boards, HSCP, the Council’s Education Service or the Culture and Leisure Trust, where appropriate, that:

    1. Appropriate alternative local provision of at least equivalent quality, suitability and accessibility will be provided; or
    2. That the existing use is no longer required/viable; or
    3. There is no demand and the facility is incapable of being made viable or adapted for other community, leisure or educational uses”

The Proposed Local Development Plan is clear in its support for the enhancement of the existing community, leisure, health, sports and education facilities at Eastwood Park. The new leisure centre/theatre development will also deliver a replacement facility of much improved quality, suitability and accessibility, as required by Policy 12.

Although Policy D7.3 (Local Biodiversity Sites) and Policy D12.16 (Extension to temporarily increase planning capacity of St. Ninian’s School) and Policy D12.22 (New enlarged Glenwood Family Centre) affect the wider Eastwood Park area, the intended application site for the new leisure centre/theatre does not affect these areas.