The Park and Public Space

The landscape proposals for Eastwood Park aim to provide a sustainable environmentand beautiful landscape setting to the proposed Leisure Centre and existing Eastwood House. The landscape strategy is supported by five guiding sustainable design principles:

  • Green & Blue Infrastructure
  • Sense of Place
  • Pedestrian Priority Environment
  • Heritage
  • Climate Positive

Drawing comparisons from existing landscape experiences that create drama set within a heritage landscape the desire is to create heightened anticipation with a sequence of open and enclosed spaces.

The landscape strategy and design principles have been developed to respond to the architecture, function and experience of the site. Design development will explore how these key principles can be translated into a considered design:

  • Create a civic space that provides the setting to the architecture and can be activated by a range of activities and uses;
  • Provide clear links to the Leisure Centre and Theatre
  • Celebrate main entrances
  • Create an active frontage
  • Enhance the parkland setting
  • Anchor new development with Eastwood House
  • Establish a framework for the wider masterplan to plug into
  • Celebrate the woodland setting

The wider masterplan was reviewed to ensure it creates an enhanced setting for the new Leisure Centre and Theatre, Eastwood Park and Eastwood House, with a key principle being extending the previously lost parkland character throughout the core area of the park and with the aspiration to extend into potential future development areas.

The site plan aims to provide the setting for the new building, whilst enhancing and integrating with existing site features most notably Eastwood House, the existing parkland trees and the woodland belt to the west and south of the site. 

Services within the building have been considered whilst developing the landscape proposals. The east-west corridor provides a direct link to the Leisure Centre main entrance and a programme of activities and break out spaces have been considered to activate the main access corridor. Architectural details extend into the landscape to provide a coherent rhythm, with lighting columns to provide a processional character.

The overall materials palette reflects the architectural details and celebrates local materials where possible.

Site diagram showing key site axis

Eastern Plaza - Precedents

Site Plan